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Our Round 4 Entries Now Open and it’s coming up very quickly to close off the 2017 Drift Championship!
Now, if you’ve been following the 2017 Drifting Championship, you’ll know that Mitch Larner is currently sitting on top followed by Aidan Friel & Philip Lycholit.

Mitch Larner Takes Out 1st Place at Round 3 of the 2017 Drift Championship!Keep an eye out for all the results and the full video coming very soon!#d1wa #round3

Posted by D1WA on Saturday, 16 September 2017


1Mitch Larner387.00
2Philip Lycholit344.00
3Aidan Friel333.00
4Jamie Worroll312.00
5Alex Zaffino306.50
6Sean Brooks246.00
7Regan Curtis195.50
8Jordy Hamer179.00
9Jason Bywaters123.01
10DJ Laubsher123.00
11Bevan Rosenthal96.50
12Ken Leong94.50
13Daniel Fraser83.50
14Adam Monck78.00
15Aidan Zykowski72.51
16James Gloyne72.50
17Viplove Sangwan69.01
18Abhilove Sangwan69.00
19Danny Friend68.00
20Jaden Searle61.51
21Aleks Mikuljanac61.50
22Craig Coombe46.01
23Jullian Nardoo46.00
24Ben Lugg45.01
25Brendon Greaves45.00
26Dom Zaffino39.50
27Ben Lathwell35.00
28Christopher Goode34.01
29David Gordon34.00
30Aaron Hyatt29.50
31Nick Plunkett28.50
32Liam Gregor23.01
33Brandon Spence23.00
34Trevor Durham19.50
35Rory Jamieson17.50
36Greg Salvia13.00
37Tim Holland12.01
38David Ohalloran12.00

However, if you haven’t been following, you can check out Round 3 Highlights or watch the Full Video on our Youtube Channel

Round 3 – 2017 D1WA Championship

Round 3 Teaser Video – LIVECheckout this sneak peek at what went down at Round 3 of the 2017 D1WA Drift Championship!!Keep your eyes peeled for the full video coming soon!#d1wa #round3

Posted by D1WA on Tuesday, 26 September 2017

All our drivers are going to be bringing their A game to Round 4 to make sure they get their share of the $5,000 that is up for grabs!

As well as their share of $5,000, we are giving the winner…
Entry & Transport to DCA King Of The Hill 2018
where they will go head to head against IDC’s 2017 Champion!

Make sure you don’t miss out on what will be one of the best drifting events to date.
Our drifters will be ready to battle it out to prove who is the best!

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