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Can I take passengers in my car

Yes, IF you have a D1WA Logbooked car and approved roll cage. To find out what a D1WA approved roll cage is, check out the link below.

Does my Saito, Cusco, Safety 21 Rollcage meet requirements for passengers?
No. A Saito, Cusco, Safety 21 etc rollcage is not up to our roll cage standards and thus is not acceptable for taking passengers. You can however use these in your cars for general safety.
Can I run my radiator lines through the cabin and into a cooler in the boot?
If they hold more than 500ml of hot liquid then no. Unless they are shielded. More info can be found in our regulations HERE
Do I need a real harness?
Yes! Fake harnesses do not have the capabilities to hold you tight in a crash. A real harness must be used if you are installing one, but they are not mandatory to drift
I have a hatch back, can I run a surge tank in the boot?
Short answer is no, you need to provide a bulkhead (firewall) to protect the cars occupants. More info can be found in our regulations HERE
Can I mount camera's on my car?
Yes you can, but you must tether them back to your car in case the come loose.
Where do I need to mount my fire extinguisher?
Your fire extinguisher must be mounted in a position where you can access it (while harnessed in) for safety reasons. More info can be found in our regulations HERE
How big must my catch can be?
It must be a minimum of 2 litres for engines up to 2000cc or 3 litres for anything over 2000cc. Check out our regulations for more information HERE
How old do I have to be for a passenger ride?
The minimum age for passenger rides is 16. You must also be wearing a long sleeve, long pants and enclosed shoes.
Will my car pass scrutineering?
If you are unsure if your car will pass, have a read of our regulations HERE to make sure!
Is a race suit required for competition?
Yes, you will be required to wear a race suit for all D1WA championship rounds
What helmet do I need for drifting
AS/NZS1698, or equivalent. See regulations HERE
What licence do I need to drift?
Events at Barbagallo Raceway: QLD Racers Insurance – Clubman Annual Licence – $65 OR a one day pass which is just $20 –

Collie Motorplex: AASA Extreme Licence Annual –

How much is a D1WA Membership?
A D1WA membership is $150. Find out more info & sign up HERE
When does my D1WA Membership expire?
The D1WA membership lasts for 12 Months from the month of purchase