What to learn more about D1WA, Perth’s Premier Drifting Car Club in Western Australia? Check out our info page to learn more

Supplementary Rules And Regulations

The Supplementary Regulations and Rules that apply to all events.

Make sure you have read this before entering events as this has all the information you need to know!

General Requirements

Unsure if your car will pass scrutineering or thinking about modifying your car before the next event?

Make sure you have a read up of our General Requirements to make sure your car is ready to go at your next drift event!

Roll Cage Requirements

D1WA takes driver and passenger safety very seriously!
Because of this, we have written a set of requirements that your roll cage must conform to, to allow you to take passengers while driving.

If you do not want to take passengers you do not need to conform to these rules but we highly recommend it.

Code of Conduct

We require all participants to follow our code of conduct at all events to allow the day to flow smoothly without any interruptions.

If you’re worried make sure you read up to be safe!

2018 Approved Tyre List

Thinking of competing in our 2018 Drift Series?

Make sure you check up our Approved Tyres List for 2018 to see if your preferred tyre is allowed in our competition or not.

We enforce tyre rules to even the competition and not favour high-powered cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that needs to be answered?

Check out our ever growing list of FAQ before you send us an email as you might find exactly the answer to your question straight away!